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Goede koper, betaalt snel, gewaardeerde klant, ten zeerste aanbevolen.
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Excellente communication. Transaction idéale.
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bonne communication, ponctuelle, AAA+
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Bedankt voor een snelle, aangename transactie.Uitstekende koper. Prima.
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Parfait et paiement immédiat!
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Très bon acheteur. Sérieux. Merci
Recensies (15)
Weller 51020199 Soldering Iron Switch Assembly for use with TCP Soldering Iron
27 apr 2018
weller thermostat replacement
keeps it perfectly between 300 and 400 °c celcius automatically - original replacement part for when your old one is corroded and does not switch anymore. works Only with a tip installed in the soldering iron !
100pcs mini 650nm 6mm 5V 5mW Laser Dot Diode Module Head WL Red
22 nov 2016
great item
5 volt, resistors heat a little , if you don't want to have cool them solder the wire over the resistor and run at 3 volts. they don't burn out quickly, and have good quality of build, good for many projects, thanks for making hem available
200W 15A DC-DC 8-60V TO 1-36V Synchronous Buck Converter Step-down Module NEW
04 jun 2019
does what's advertised
using it to make my 32 volt 75 watt poly solar panel on a pmw controller not go over 15 volts of charging voltage. the cheap pwm controllers use the full solar voltage to charge the battery with, (in pulses when the battery voltage is getting near full) the overvoltage eventually is not good for the battery life? with this i can lower said solar panel voltage to keep it in a safe level before even entering the controller. these buck downs also good for getting lower voltages from 58 and 42 volt ebike/hoverboard battery systems. don't heat up very much when at work